Accelerating Resource-Smart

Continuous Improvement…

Start Leveraging 8 Good Ideas Per Week…


Would 400+ ideas per year make you a better company to do business with? Suppose 200 of those ideas could be implemented with little effort and no capital investment. Sounds ridiculous? Not really; ideas for improving your business are lost at the lunch tables, the coffee stations, at casual gatherings. Plain conversations about annoying business practices; mistakes that people deal with but never go away; routine head-shaking customer adjustments; things you do that seem sensible yet yield little value.


Stop Wasting Grassroots



How much time have you spent searching for the next big product, service or marketing breakthrough? The fact is, your existing people are smart and have dozens of ideas that together offer substantial improvements in efficiency and bottom line profitability. You simply need a fast systematic method to capture people’s ideas, place a measurable value on them, put them into practice, measure results and celebrate your success. Sounds simple? Centrals Star Dynamics can prove that it is not that hard to do.




Speed & Bottom Line Results…

In 60-90 days…


That’s what Central Star Dynamics & ActionWorkout™ deliver...


ActionWorkout is a field proven tool that leverages the power of grassroots know-how to deliver measurable bottom line results in 60 to 90 days. ActionWorkout team performance process engages leaders, managers and employees at all levels to drive lasting change. Your existing managers and front-line people hold the key to powering your company’s sustainable success cycle.


3 Ways to Self Sustainable Success…

1. ActionWorkout™ Teams…

60-day small team process that activates employee know-how and creativity



2. Leadership Jumpstart™ Events…

One to three-day alignment meetings that target Workout opportunities and commit resources to objectives



3. Rapid Process Redesign Workshops…

Work sessions that teach and apply Lean, Six Sigma and/or innovation principles to process design






Turn On Your Performance Spotlight…


There is intense focus on the performance benefits of 6-Sigma, Lean Thinking, ISO

and industry specific continuous improvement or quality assurance programs...


Many executives are left thinking:  “I need results fast! What do these programs really bring to my bottom line…How much time, money and attention will they consume?”


Refocus Continuous Improvement…


6-SigmaWorkout & ActionWorkout™—developed by Leap Technologies, Inc.—couple the power of frontline know-how to the best practices of 6-Sigma, Lean Thinking and ISO’s new emphasis on continuous customer-centered improvement. You now have two powerful choices to deliver rapid improvements in customer focus, service levels and bottom line profitability.


6-SigmaWorkout& ActionWorkout work as efficient standalone continuous improvement programs, and as cost saving accelerants for ongoing 6-Sigma, Lean Thinking, ISO and mission critical quality control initiatives.


Accelerate 6-Sigma Initiatives6-SigmaWorkout blends traditional 6-Sigma DMAIC best-practices with the rapid 60-Day “Sprint-to-Results” team performance power of ActionWorkout. 6-SigmaWorkout is the smart way to unlock the power of 6-Sigma in organizations having limited time, training or financial resources.


Less Training…Less Cost...

Less Worry…


Larger organizations noted that 6-Sigma Workout and ActionWorkout substantially reduce Green/Black-Belt training expenses. Also, indirect costs and worry associated with Green/Black-Belt employee turnover are greatly eliminated. Small/Mid-Size companies find that Lean Thinking/Manufacturing initiatives can be implemented throughout their entire company with greater speed and less on-site consulting expenses.


More for Your Success…


Central Star Dynamics offers Team Leader and Team Coach Training certification for ActionWorkout


ActionWorkout compliments the implementation of Central Star Dynamics BarrierBreaker SM Power Modules.


The 60-Day “Sprint-to-Results” power of ActionWorkout combined with Central Star Dynamics Boardroom-to-Toolroom approach accelerates customer-centered action, operational effectiveness and product/service innovation. These time and field proven performance tools put grassroots power to work on boardroom priorities, driving sustainable profitability throughout the organization.





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Ü Stop Downward Sales Pressure


Ü Communication Power Modules


§ Management & Staff Consensus & Results Focus

§ Measuring & Improving Customer Value

§ Powering Up Customer-Centered Thinking


Ü Demand Builder Power Modules

Self-Sustainable Pro-Active Marketing for

Experienced & Inexperienced Individuals & Work Groups


§ Competitive & Industry Intelligence

§ SWOT Analysis & Strategy Execution

§ Hands-On Marketing Management & Product Management

§ Enterprise Wide Customer Focus

§ Enterprise Wide Support & Accountability


Ü Innovation Power Modules


§ Re-Engaging Your Success Cycle

§ Jumpstarting Product & Service Innovation

§ Big Advances from Small Ideas


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Ü 60-90 Day Bottom Line Results

Use Your Grassroots Know-How to Power Boardroom Priorities


Ü Practical Lean Thinking / 6-Sigma / ISO

ActionWorkout™—Resource-Smart Continuous Improvement


Ü Practical Supply Chain Readiness

Proquis / allCLEAR—Initiating Local &Global Collaboration


§ Rapid Process Mapping & Improvement Tools

§ Quality Management & Certification Auditing Tools

§ Documentation & Specification Control & Tracking

§ Partner & Customer Feedback & Collaboration


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