Street-Smart Collaboration

& Supply Chain Readiness...

§ Rapid Process Mapping & Improvement

§ Quality Management & Certification Auditing

§ Documentation & Specification Control & Tracking

§ Partner & Customer Feedback & Collaboration





Challenging Economy Lays Out New Success Benchmarks for Small/Mid-Size Companies...



Grassroots Know-How Powering Boardroom Priorities…bottom line success rests in the hands of the people closest to opportunities and immediate problems…


“Total Responsiveness” Defines Customer Value…competitiveness and growth move beyond low cost and better mousetraps…Customers will demand “Total Responsiveness” and scrutinize the “Total-Hassle” cost of doing business…


“Volume” Diminishes as a Profit Factor…“Success” centers on being the best company to do business with…enterprise-wide alignment of products, services and communications for continuous satisfaction of unmet customer needs…


Effectiveness…Efficiency…Customer-Centered Action…will be the primary drivers for economic recovery across all industrial, commercial and service sectors…



Enterprise Wide Communication & Strong Collaborative Control of Customer & Resource Partnerships Will Secure Your Success…


Prepare To Assimilate…Your Small/Mid Size company may not have a Fortune-1000 supply chain but you had better be prepared to think, react and participate within your markets as if you do. Becoming a supply chain partner of choice goes beyond traditional EDI transactions. You need to maintain an enterprise wide customer-centered focus, monitor, align and continuously improve operational and administrative collaboration across your entire organization and most important: “Prove It”!


Process Documentation, Continuous Improvement, Quality Certification, Partner Management, Audit Tracking, Document Control & SecurityCentral Star Dynamics can help you meet these expectations quickly and affordably. Keep-it-Simple…Make-it-Scalable…This is our approach to enterprise wide process/quality improvement and supply chain readiness. Are you 30-people, or a 300-person Tier 1 supplier? Do not limit your growth. Central Star Dynamics offers practical tools and robust world-class solutions that make sense for your people, capital resources and future opportunities.






Accelerate Your Supply Chain Readiness…


Central Star Dynamics

teams with Proquis, Inc. suppling: allCLEAR, Proquis Enterprise and Managed Web Based Services...empowering small/mid-size companies to collaborate locally or on a global scale...


Proquis and allCLEAR applications accelerate sales, marketing, customer communications, and process improvement efforts...Two power tools drive a dynamic software suite:


Proquis—a robust documentation control, procedural/regulatory compliance and fault resolution management solution.


allCLEAR—a dynamic software tool capable of Process Mapping, Multi-Variate Event/Cost Simulation and Process/Business Optimization.


§   Flexible, Scalable and Adaptable; Start Small & Go Deep


§   Productivity & Quality Bonuses for Manufacturers


§   Reducing Noncompliance Risk for Service Businesses 


§   Visualize & Optimize Production and Service Cycle Processes


§   Affordable Customer-Centered Performance Feedback & Accelerated Team Performance Tracking


Productivity & Quality Bonuses for Manufacturers...the Proquis product works in tandem with existing ERP / MRP systems to provide documentation control and fault resolution; most ERP / MRP systems are weak in areas of procedural improvement, ISO9000:2000 support, or regulatory compliance and auditing. As an added bonus, Proquis compiled an affordable “Migration Kit” module allowing small or large businesses to achieve self-guided ISO9000:2000 style compliance. By all estimates, a 5-25 person organization can mirror ISO compliance using the Migration Kit Templates for as little as $5,500, including software, set-up, and training.


Reducing Noncompliance Risk for Service Businesses...Proquis moves beyond the industrial setting. Proquis excels in transaction rich highly regulated environments: Healthcare, banking, insurance, shareholder communication, corporate governance, are fertile ground for Proquis. Service companies requiring ongoing compliance audits will experience substantial savings in documentation and reporting time and reduced “noncompliance” risk exposure. Economy, ease of use and low maintenance make Proquis and allCLEAR the perfect solution in scenarios where the main business center must keep field offices in strict procedural compliance and where deviations from standards must be resolved and formally documented under risk of penalties or legal suit.


Visualize & Optimize Production and Service Cycle Processes...Businesses can quickly layout, quantify and analyze their processes with the allCLEAR mapping tool to identify their most profitable product configurations or isolate and eliminate cost pockets. Each step in the map is quantifiable using Excel based cost modeling, probabilities are assignable to any “Choice” path or “Y/N” decision point; allCLEAR users can define simulation profiles to auto-track/identify process cost containment, optimal process paths and isolate critical congestion points.




More Contact…More Control…


Affordable Supply Chain Effectiveness…Customer-Centered Performance Feedback…Accelerated Team Performance Tracking...A 10-person business or a fortune 1000 executive can leverage the same 24/7 power of fingertip control over customer service/quality tracking, complaint resolution, real-time customer satisfaction measurement; the same sales/marketing/product cycle analysis, cost buildup, or product/profitability configuration management capabilities: from the shop floor or your Singapore office.





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Ü Stop Downward Sales Pressure


Ü Communication Power Modules


§ Management & Staff Consensus & Results Focus

§ Measuring & Improving Customer Value

§ Powering Up Customer-Centered Thinking


Ü Demand Builder Power Modules

Self-Sustainable Pro-Active Marketing for

Experienced & Inexperienced Individuals & Work Groups


§ Competitive & Industry Intelligence

§ SWOT Analysis & Strategy Execution

§ Hands-On Marketing Management & Product Management

§ Enterprise Wide Customer Focus

§ Enterprise Wide Support & Accountability


Ü Innovation Power Modules


§ Re-Engaging Your Success Cycle

§ Jumpstarting Product & Service Innovation

§ Big Advances from Small Ideas


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Ü 60-90 Day Bottom Line Results

Use Your Grassroots Know-How to Power Boardroom Priorities


Ü Practical Lean Thinking / 6-Sigma / ISO

ActionWorkout™—Resource-Smart Continuous Improvement


Ü Practical Supply Chain Readiness

Proquis / allCLEAR—Initiating Local &Global Collaboration


§ Rapid Process Mapping & Improvement Tools

§ Quality Management & Certification Auditing Tools

§ Documentation & Specification Control & Tracking

§ Partner & Customer Feedback & Collaboration


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