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Do Not Fall Victim to

Downward Sales Pressure…


BarrierBreaker SM Power Modulesfill your organization’s biggest performance gaps using the smallest shovels possible—engage your existing staff and resources to build sales vitality and sustainable bottom line results

BarrierBreaker SM Power Modules are fast-start action power tools success-tuned to your immediate priorities and matched to your organization’s time, skill and economic constraints. These flexible methods and tools work for a 10-person shop or a 300-person organization.


BarrierBreaker SM Power Modules put your people in control driving the lasting change that makes you the best company to do business with—regardless of your business. BarrierBreaker SM Power Modules engage your existing staff and resources to build sales vitality and achieve sustainable bottom line results. The BarrierBreaker SM series permanently removes the barriers breaking down your sales cycle and stalling new customer initiatives.





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Ü Stop Downward Sales Pressure


Ü Communication Power Modules


§ Management & Staff Consensus & Results Focus

§ Measuring & Improving Customer Value

§ Powering Up Customer-Centered Thinking


Ü Demand Builder Power Modules

Self-Sustainable Pro-Active Marketing for

Experienced & Inexperienced Individuals & Work Groups


§ Competitive & Industry Intelligence

§ SWOT Analysis & Strategy Execution

§ Hands-On Marketing Management & Product Management

§ Enterprise Wide Customer Focus

§ Enterprise Wide Support & Accountability


Ü Innovation Power Modules


§ Re-Engaging Your Success Cycle

§ Jumpstarting Product & Service Innovation

§ Big Advances from Small Ideas


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Ü 60-90 Day Bottom Line Results

Use Your Grassroots Know-How to Power Boardroom Priorities


Ü Practical Lean Thinking / 6-Sigma / ISO

ActionWorkout™—Resource-Smart Continuous Improvement


Ü Practical Supply Chain Readiness

Proquis / allCLEAR—Initiating Local &Global Collaboration


§ Rapid Process Mapping & Improvement Tools

§ Quality Management & Certification Auditing Tools

§ Documentation & Specification Control & Tracking

§ Partner & Customer Feedback & Collaboration


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