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Our Offices:


Central Star Dynamics

1955 Woodland Lane

Arlington Heights, IL   60005


Ph: 847.818.1733

Fx: 847.818.1773

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Ü Stop Downward Sales Pressure


Ü Communication Power Modules


§ Management & Staff Consensus & Results Focus

§ Measuring & Improving Customer Value

§ Powering Up Customer-Centered Thinking


Ü Demand Builder Power Modules

Self-Sustainable Pro-Active Marketing for

Experienced & Inexperienced Individuals & Work Groups


§ Competitive & Industry Intelligence

§ SWOT Analysis & Strategy Execution

§ Hands-On Marketing Management & Product Management

§ Enterprise Wide Customer Focus

§ Enterprise Wide Support & Accountability


Ü Innovation Power Modules


§ Re-Engaging Your Success Cycle

§ Jumpstarting Product & Service Innovation

§ Big Advances from Small Ideas


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Ü 60-90 Day Bottom Line Results

Use Your Grassroots Know-How to Power Boardroom Priorities


Ü Practical Lean Thinking / 6-Sigma / ISO

ActionWorkout™—Resource-Smart Continuous Improvement


Ü Practical Supply Chain Readiness

Proquis / allCLEAR—Initiating Local &Global Collaboration


§ Rapid Process Mapping & Improvement Tools

§ Quality Management & Certification Auditing Tools

§ Documentation & Specification Control & Tracking

§ Partner & Customer Feedback & Collaboration


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