Through the Looking Glass...

Ü We made it past hard times and have great people—it’s time for more success…


Ü I'm looking at 60-90 days—then…


Ü OK, maybe the “Economy” is getting better—we haven’t seen it in our business…


Ü Lean Manufacturing, 6-Sigma, ISO—they make sense, but we worry about the time commitment and competitive payoff...


Ü It’s been tough—I’m not exactly sure what our customers or people really think about our company…


Ü Our people and cash are spread thin—we need to get moving again—fast…


Ü We have to stay practical when it comes to partner collaboration and supply chain thinking…


















Central Star Dynamics Accelerates Your Success... We are hands-on practitioners focusing on Team Performance Facilitation and Success Cycle Conditioning for small/mid-sized industrial and commercial companies. Are you a new start up? Are you an established business looking to move out of a slump? Are you proud of your people and accomplishments, yet feel you deserve more?

Central Star Dynamics Leverages Your Existing Resources...Our Team Performance Facilitation approach and Boardroom-to-Tool Room perspective stimulates innovation and profitability, engages employees and builds growth capacity. Central Star Dynamics field proven experience, robust problem solving tools and world class alliances provide the thrust for rapid improvements in business practices and financial performance.


Focus: Team Performance Facilitation & Success Cycle Conditioning

Vision: "PEOPLE" Throughout the Entire Organization, Driving Extraordinary Levels of Performance

Mission: Engage Grassroots Knowhow to Power Boardroom Priorities

Objective: Rapidly Energize a Company's Greatest Asset..."PEOPLE"...To Deliver Self-Sustained Success






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Ü Stop Downward Sales Pressure


Ü Communication Power Modules


§ Management & Staff Consensus & Results Focus

§ Measuring & Improving Customer Value

§ Powering Up Customer-Centered Thinking


Ü Demand Builder Power Modules

Self-Sustainable Pro-Active Marketing for

Experienced & Inexperienced Individuals & Work Groups


§ Competitive & Industry Intelligence

§ SWOT Analysis & Strategy Execution

§ Hands-On Marketing Management & Product Management

§ Enterprise Wide Customer Focus

§ Enterprise Wide Support & Accountability


Ü Innovation Power Modules


§ Re-Engaging Your Success Cycle

§ Jumpstarting Product & Service Innovation

§ Big Advances from Small Ideas


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Ü 60-90 Day Bottom Line Results

Use Your Grassroots Know-How to Power Boardroom Priorities


Ü Practical Lean Thinking / 6-Sigma / ISO

ActionWorkout™—Resource-Smart Continuous Improvement


Ü Practical Supply Chain Readiness

Proquis / allCLEAR—Initiating Local &Global Collaboration


§ Rapid Process Mapping & Improvement Tools

§ Quality Management & Certification Auditing Tools

§ Documentation & Specification Control & Tracking

§ Partner & Customer Feedback & Collaboration


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